Translation Company VS an Individual Translator

It goes without saying that hiring an individual translator will cost cheaper than a translation company. The big questions is, is it the option most appropriate for translating your reports, website and other business documents? Contracting a translation company might cost you some extra cash compared to hiring an individual translator. However, it comes with a number of important advantages.

Ability to meet tight deadlines

A large translation service has the merit of coping effectively with huge work volumes. If you require large volumes of content translated urgently, this may be your best option.

Translation company can handle multiple languages

If you require text translated into different languages, utilizing a large agency is most likely to serve this need effectively. The company offers translation in multiple languages while an individual translator can only usually translate into one or two languages. A translation company has a number of translators for each language and hence, for bulk projects the work can be divided amongst the translators to meet tight deadline.

Proofreading service

Since there are multiple translators of each language, once the translator has translated the document, it is proofread by another translator. This enhances the quality of work produced by the company.

Availability of Project manager

Many translation companies assign project managers for handling administrative tasks and keeping the client updated with the progress of the project.

High Level of Specialization

In case your business entity deals with diverse technical fields as opposed to a focused niche, then an agency might as well suit you better than individual translator. This is because the translation service assigns documents to individual staff of the distinct specialization your work entails.

Great Technical Capacity

A great agency normally furnishes its translators with all the materials they need to perform their work well. These include glossaries to aid in maintaining consistent results. Agencies are able to benefit individual translators with a broader base of translation tools and knowledge-database since they have larger amounts of capital to invest in projects.

Superior Quality Assurance Mechanisms

As well, a reliable agency ensures having internal Quality Assurance processes for vetting its translators according to some certain basic criteria. This includes the duration of experience and in other cases completion of a specified short test in satisfactory manner.

Checking Translator Background Unnecessary

It not necessary to worry about background issues when dealing with a professional agency since the service handles this aspect. This ends up saving you time to invest in other important matters. By contrast, it is vital to check the background of an individual translator well to know their competency in handling a given project and subject area. Translators specialize in specific technical fields. Even then a professional translator ought to provide you with honest feedback in case lacking the needed expertise in a particular jurisdiction of translation work.

Convenient Handling of Work

Most professional agencies which handle translation work operate all around the clock. It is easy reaching them as well and you can be certain of their availability for another round of assignments if necessary. Individual translators might be unavailable at certain times, especially when handling large volumes of work or indisposed due to illness.

On going Research and Development

A professional agency an entity as well keeps conducting research to establish its work efficiency due to its large capital base. This helps improve its performance standards, which an individual translator might be unable to achieve.

Conversely, operating with an individual translator could occasion a number of significant gains, if you determine it appropriate for your project. These include:

  • You gain direct contact with your translator while handling on your project. This allows you opportunity of discussing with them about any particular doubts or requirements you might have regarding assigned tasks. They can conversely verify any points of concern with you that require clarification.
  • Another benefit of contracting your translation work to an individual entity is that of confidence in the particular person handling your project. This aspect intensifies the amount of focus applied by the professional on your work and also improves operational efficiency.
  • An individual translator is only able to complete a modest volume of work, compared to a translation agency. However this professional will mostly be specialised in certain fields and maintains a helpful network of collaborators who can offer expertise in highly-demanding subjects. A proficient translator will then undertake checks, proofreading the subcontracted work subcontracted to ascertain providing clients with high-grade work.

Given that an agency might be taking up work at a given commission helps verifying what the actual added value is that you are getting from them. Check whether the agency is carefully choosing the most suitable translator to handle your project and equally applying additional verification and proofreading skills. Determine if they simply mass-mail their translators and assign the task to the very first person available without following up with them well. Given the factors above however, it is critical to consider handing out your work to a translation agency as opposed to dealing with an individual.

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