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Certified Translation As a language evolves, texts in an earlier version of
the language — original texts, or old translations — may
become difficult for modern readers to understand. Such
a text may be translated
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Professional German Translation Service

Some Quick History of the German Language

The German language is spoken in Germany, Austria, and some parts of Switzerland. The German language has gone through a long process of evolution and has many regional dialects now. Because of that evolution process, today’s German language is actually closely related to English, Scandinavian, and Dutch languages, which are actually considered ‘Germanic Languages’. Older dialects started to become less used around the 19th and 20th centuries, and Standard German has since then become more widely used. The German Language is now spoken in its native form by over 100 Million people. It is considered one of the major languages of the world, and it is the most spoken language in the EU. With German being one of the most common languages in the world, German to English translation service is one of our most common translation services that we offer.

If you need German translation service, then contact us for a free quote now so that we can get started on all your translation needs. Universal Translation Studio offers the best translation services with a full qualified team of expert translators who are able to translate anything you need, from websites, manuals, and other documents, regardless of what language you need.

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Get Reliable German Translation Service

If you need to reach an international audience with your website or documents, then you need a translation service that you can count on. Even if you just need personal translation service, we got you covered. We offer superior translation services for any type of translation job. All of our translators have excellent skills in pair languages, and are thoroughly tested before they become part of our team. Universal Translation Studio only utilizes expert individuals who are fluent and knowledgeable in pair languages, so that we can offer you the very best and accurate translation service.

We don’t settle for second best when it comes to our team, and when it comes to needing a translation service, neither should you. Our translators are not only skilled, but certified in the languages they translate with the proven ability to offer expert and efficient translation in any language. They also understand the lingo when it comes to technical documents, or important medical documents that cannot afford to have translation mistakes. We have many satisfied clients who have used and benefited from our German translation services, and we are completely confident that we can help you with any of your translation needs.

The German Translation Services That We Offer

Universal Translation Studio offers fast and quality German service for anything that you need translated in these two languages, including German to U.S. English and even UK English. If you need website translation service that can be understood by an international audience, then we can take care of that for you. If you need important technical translation service, or legal translation service for documents or articles, our expert translators can read and translate your documents accurately, and without mistakes so that you can be 100% confident that your translation will be accurate.

We offer medical translation service, mobile app translation service, financial translation service, and all book translation services. We do not perform word for word translation like some other competitors might do. Our German translation service is fast and we can give you a quick turn-around. Universal Translation Studio can take care of your translation needs no matter what language you need translated. Contact us now for a free quote with your translation needs and see how our expert translation services can benefit you.

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