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Certified Translation As a language evolves, texts in an earlier version of
the language — original texts, or old translations — may
become difficult for modern readers to understand. Such
a text may be translated
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Are you searching for a professional English to Malay translation service or Malay to English translation service for your business, medical, technical or legal content? Click here to request a Free Instant Quote.


Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, Universal Translation Studio is a Top-Rated Malay translation agency offering professional English to Malay translation service as well as Malay to English translation service.

Over a span of 10 years, we have helped businesses and individuals skyrocket their sales and effectively reach their potential customers across the globe.

Want To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

Malay is the official language of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. More than 10 million people across the globe speak Malay. According to statistics, customers are more likely to read the content and make a purchase if it is in their native language.

Our professional translation service can help you reach millions of potential customers across the globe. Request a Free Instant Quote.

English To Malay Translation Service

At UTS, English to Malay translation service is provided by a team of experts who focus on providing accurate translations. We understand that your business depends on being able to convey what you offer in a cohesive and comprehensive manner.

Our team comprises of certified native translators, who have years of experience translating content pertaining to different niche.With multiple translators on board, we ensure not only a timely delivery of your document, but also a thoroughly proofread and flawless translation that sounds professional enough for your business.

Malay To English Translation Service

We also provide professional Malay to English translation service done by certified native translators. Whether you want to translate your content from Malay into U.S, U.K, Canadian or Australian English, our team of professional translators can do it accordingly.

A professional translation service can open up a world of possibilities for your business as long as the translation is done right. With your business in Malay, you are missing out on a large chunk of your potential clients from all around the world who speak English.

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Website Translation

Having a multilingual website can multiply your conversions by 10 fold. We offer professional Malay website translation services to help you grow your business.

App Translation

You did all the hard work of developing an application. You have potential clients all over the globe who should download your application. However, they aren’t doing so.

Ever wondered why? According to statistics, consumers are more likely to make a purchase if the content is in their language. With our Malay app translation service, we can help you translate your application and hence, boost the number of downloads.

Book Translation

Are you an Author, Publisher or Editor? Has your Book been Featured and is a Top Seller? That’s wonderful. It means that readers love your reading your content. However, did you ever think you could multiply your sales by having your book translated?

At UTS, offer professional Malay book translation service and can help you reach a much larger audience.

Medical Translation

Healthcare and medical translations require expert knowledge. At UTS, we offer Malay medical translation service which is done by certified native translators having medical and healthcare background. We ensure that the final translation is an accurate representation of the original source content.

Finance Translation

We specialize in offering professional finance translation service for content related to Forex, Cryptocurrencies and Banks. Our clients include one of the world’s leading financial companies, insurance brokers and the world’s leading banks.

Technical Document Translation Service

Technical documents such as installation and instruction manuals, patents and user guides require accurate translations as even a minor error can effect the outcome. The world of technology relies on clear and concise technical documents.

At UTS, offer professional Malay technical translation service, which is done by certified native translators who understand the technical jargon.

Legal Translation

We have over 10 years of experience providing Legal document translation service to multinational companies, law firms and Fortune 500 companies. We have have team of skilled legal translators who can translate your legal documents accurately.

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