Terms & Conditions

Universal Translation Studio provides “human” translation service to “service buyers”. If you are about to avail this service from our website www.universaltranslationstudio.com, we highly recommend that you go through the following terms and conditions and confirm your consent and compliance, prior to placing an order for translation on our website. After successful registration on the website you will become a member of Universal Translation Studio and for as long as you stay a member, you comply with the mentioned terms and conditions provided in this agreement.


  1. The terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement may be modified/ changed at any time by Universal Translation Studio and hence, it is absolutely your responsibility to check back frequently for the “current” updated version of the terms and conditions. Universal Translation Studio will not be held responsible for not informing you regarding the changes or updates to the new terms and conditions. You agree that UTS will not be held accountable for any incurred loss that might fall under this category.
  2. If you violate this user agreement, Universal Translation Studio will have the right to terminate or suspend your membership on www.universaltranslationstudio.com.


Whenever you place an order for translation on www.universaltranslationstudio.com, native translator of the target language will translate and then proofread the entire translation to ensure that the delivered translation is of high quality. However, for quality assurance we always have the translation proofread by another native translator.

If you have placed an order for translation and are not satisfied with the quality of translation delivered:

* You will be eligible to apply for 100% Money Back guarantee offer.

* You may inform your project manager about the quality of translation delivered. He will get the translation revised two times and if even then you are not happy with the final draft, you can apply for 100% money back guarantee.

* Universal Translation Studio will review your request, your client history and will decide whether or not you are eligible to avail this offer based on the following criteria (to avoid scams from availing this offer):

  1. You must mention clearly in “add note to translator” that kindly have the translation checked by another native translator. This is to ensure that you have read the terms and conditions of our website and are familiar with the entire translation process (to avoid scam requests for refund).
  2. You MUST have placed a minimum of 5 translation orders on our website prior to availing this offer.
  3. You MUST have conducted business of more than $1500 with our company prior to availing this offer.
  4. Your ORDER HISTORY on our website should be clean. If it is found that you have attempted to avail of this offer multiple times before, it will be up to Universal Translation Studio, to decide whether or not you are eligible to avail of the offer at that time.
  5. You must pass all the above-mentioned eligibility criteria’s i.e 1), 2), 3)  and 4) to avail of this offer.

The decision of Universal Translation Studio will be considered final and by accepting these terms and conditions, you thus agree to comply. By accepting these terms you thereby liberate the owner of this website from all types of demands, claims, and damages of every nature, identified and un-identified related to any dispute. You agree that the owner will not be held accountable for any damage or loss which may be caused as a result of the correctness or quality issues regarding the translation delivered.


  1. Universal Translation Studio employs all measures to protect your personal information. However, as all security measures are subject to circumvention, we do not provide any guarantee regarding the usefulness of the security we employ.
  2. Universal Translation Studio cannot and does not make certain that your personal information will not be discovered by other users of the website or any third parties (by unlawful means).
  3.  Universal Translation Studio reserves the right to archive your personal information provided as and when required while you use our services. The information that has been archived will not be removed unless and until your membership account with Universal Translation Studio is deleted permanently, and even then we might save some or all of your details on backed-up files. However, we do not oblige or guarantee to store any information and do not affirm that any archived information may later be provided to you.
  • We may use the personal information provided to the Website for research, analysis or to manage and improve on the services we offer.
  • Universal Translation Studio will under no condition share any of your personal or confidential information with third parties with the exemption of the following:
  • We might provide your details and personal information to service providers who are related with the business activities.
  • We might need to disclose client’s personal information under lawful requests, such as court orders, or in observance with the applicable laws. Additionally, we might share your account or other details when we required to comply with the law or to protect our property or interests. This might include sharing information with lawyer, agents, companies, or government agencies.
  •  In case of any changes in the Ownership of Universal Translation Studio, the user information provided to the Website will automatically be transferred to the new Owner(s).
  • This Website may have external links to other websites; however the Owner is not to be held responsible for the Terms and Conditions including the privacy practices of other Websites. We encourage the Users who leave our Website to carefully go through the privacy policies and read the statements of each Website that collects vital personal information.
  • Universal Translation Studio users might modify/remove their personal details and information at any time. However, due to some technical reasons your request may take some time to show effect.


  1. The Owner or its affiliates do not guarantee the correctness, totality or utility of any information and details provided on the website.
  2. The services offered by Universal Translation Studio is based on “as is” and they are without any conditions or guarantees of any kind.
  3. The site Owner and/or its affiliates expressly repudiate any fitness for a specific rationale, implied warranties of merchantability, or non-infringement. The website Owner, its affiliates warrant, or the Services that you use does not guarantee to be uninterrupted, always available, secure, error-free, or meet your requirements.
  4. The Owner and its affiliates deny all accountability, despite of the form of action, for the acts or omissions of other Users or Members including the unauthorized Users of the Website or Services.


  1. Users are allowed to use the Website and Services offered in a way that is accepted and officially authorized as per the appropriate laws and regulations.
  2. Users should stick to our policies and all other Terms and Conditions that are related to usage of the Services offered in the Website. You hereby agree to not transmit any junk advertisements, messages, or any type of solicitation for any kind of products or Services to the other members of this Website.
  3. In case of any losses, liabilities, costs, and expenses that might arise out of your personal use of the Website or its Services, you completely agree to \ indemnify, defend, and hold safe the Owner, the affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents, and third parties. This may or may not include any breach by you of the Terms of this Agreement or other Terms and Conditions that have been laid down on the Website periodically.
  4. We strictly discourage any unauthorized and/or illegal uses of this Website, which may include collecting the Usernames and/or email ids of Members using software or other means for the objective of sending unwanted emails, sending advertisements or other offers to Members who are registered to this Website. Any form of un-permitted use or external linking to Universal Translation Studio Website will be inquired into, and the right legal action will be taken as the Owner deems fit.
  5. By publishing content or information to any public domain of the Services, you automatically agree that you represent and guarantee that you have the right to bestow upon the site Owner and its Members an irreversible, permanent, fully-paid, non-exclusive, international license to copy, use, display, perform and/or distribute such content and information to prepare derived works of, or use such information and content in other works, and to authorize and grant the sub-licenses of the previous.
  6. As a user of the website, you agree that the owners reserve the complete right to change any of the Terms, obligations, rights, or privileges that have been mentioned herein. We may also levy new charges as and when required for the access to the website’s features or continued use of Services at any time as we may deem fit, with or without providing any prior notice. The changes (if any) will be published online and we may decide to email you regarding the same solely at the Owner’s discretion, and you would be responsible for going over the updated information and Terms of usage as may be posted frequently to achieve timely notice of any changes.
  7. You agree to not use any sort of electronic or manual collection mechanism to copy or monitor the web pages that are posted in the Universal Translation Studio Website or the content present there without the aforementioned written authorization of the Owner.
  8. The Owner or its affiliates are under no situation to be held responsible for any kind of loss or damage that might result due to your use of the Universal Translation Studio Website, your dependence on the content or information that has been posted on the Website, and conveyed to its Members.


The content published in Website are the exclusive property of the Universal Translation Studio and are safeguarded by the copyright laws. Hence, the content may not be recreated or copied in any fashion without the prior written permission of the Owner. The Users/ Members of the Website may also not publish or create the derivative works from the contents of this Website for any commercial or any other public use.