How to Use Translation in Your International Digital Marketing Strategy

There was once a time when the world was vast and wide; there were areas that we didn’t even know existed. Those days are long gone. However, it’s almost as if the world is growing smaller by the day. We can thank technology for this advancement.

There are many great ways that you can reach out to new international markets. In doing so, you can offer new customers direct online sales, seek out trading partners or use ready-made sales platforms.  The most important role, however, is getting your business message out, and it requires you speaking your customer’s language.

English is the most used language online, and yet in doing so, you miss a completely untapped market. Customers from other countries like to visit websites that are in their own language.

How Translation Can Help You

A website is the best way to have your business reach customers from another country. This is usually the first point of contact for customers to test out your business. If your website allows for translations into another language you have much more reach, then most other businesses.

There are many translation tools available, but your business is important, so it’s best to work with a professional translator to ensure that the translations are accurate. Translation tools can have errors because there isn’t a logical human behind the translation.

A translator will be able to translate with the use of SEO to best optimize your marketing materials. Translation isn’t about mimicking dictionary translations but to use proper slang, abbreviations, and acronyms that are used in another language.

Translating Other Materials

When it comes to the marketing of your business, it’s not just your website that requires translation. If you are serious about seeking out customers from another country, then you need to use all your resources. Marketing materials that you use regularly will also need to be translated. Items such as brochures, online emails, manuals, and contracts will all need to be translated into another language.

Social media is vastly important when it comes to marketing, and it can also be used to reach international customers. In order to reach people from another country on social media, you may have to go beyond using Twitter and Facebook. China, for example, is one country where social media accounts such as those are typically banned. A social media account called Tencent’s Qzone is vastly popular in that area and has 645 million users, and that’s huge!

Translation is Rarely a One-Time Deal

In order to have a successful social media platform, you have to have a good marketing campaign behind it. Posts have to be regular as well as updates. Blogs can be used to help maintain the constant reach of seeking out new customers. As these things all need to be frequently updated so will your need be for a translator. You need someone to be there when communication is needed.

It’s best always to work with the same translator at all times so that the tone and style of your marketing materials stay the same. There are many challenges that you will face when reaching out to new markets, but the result is always worth it because your business will constantly grow.

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