What Type of Spanish is the Best to Learn?

Often we are asked, what type of Spanish is the best type to learn? It is a common misconception that one version of the Spanish language is better than another, and that’s just not the case. They are just two different languages.

What Type is Best?

There is no best type; it’s more important to focus on the language, and as long as you learn how to speak it properly formally then you are on the right track. It doesn’t matter whether you speak LA Spanish or Spain Spanish, you should be understood no matter where you travel.

Don’t get me wrong there are some differences, but it’s more about accents, slang and commonly used words. But when it comes down to speaking Spanish formally and correctly there is no misunderstanding the language. Anyone who speaks any type of Spanish should be able to understand you despite the different language.

When it comes to Spanish, it’s no different then if you are an American but yet you are still able to understand Australians, Canadians or the British when they speak.

Different Types of Spanish

Yes, there are some differences between the two languages in regards to the frequently used terms. There are different Spanish words such as ‘computadora,’ ‘ordenador,’ or ‘computador,’ which all mean the same word ‘computer’ but in different types of Spanish.

There are regional differences, but there is no right or wrong way to speak the language. Many people believe that the purest form of Spanish is found in Spain, but that is a falsehood.

There is No Pure Spanish

Whether it’s LA Spanish or Spain Spanish there is no purer form; both languages are authentic languages. Even the LA version is easy to understand and has the correct verbs and intonations. A lot of movies are translated using the LA version of Spanish and Spaniards have no problem understanding the translation.

It’s a mistake to think that one language is better over the other. It would be like saying that American English is tainted and not as good as the England version of English. It’s a silly thought, and yet there are many people that believe it. There are many great English speakers just like there are many great Spanish speakers despite the version that they are using.

LA Spanish is recognized by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, so that alone so give you some idea that the Americanized version is not a tainted language at all. If you want to learn Spanish, don’t worry about which one is better. It doesn’t matter where the language originated; it just matters that you speak it properly and in a formal manner. If you do so, then no one will have trouble understanding you. While learning the language, make sure you differentiate slang from the proper use of Spanish. There are also many different ways Spanish can be used, and if you think of it as a global system, you will know to follow the proper style and form.

Go ahead and learn Spanish and enjoy every minute of it, nothing is more exciting than discovering a new language!

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