Why I Should Translate My Website?


That is a thought that plagues many people. You have your website online and running, things are beginning to sail smoothly and you are feeling proud of yourself. What is the need to translate into other languages? There is no need to do so is the thought that runs through your mind.

10 advantages of translating a website into other Languages

  • Every language in the world has a marker share of the online community. Some, like English and Chinese, have huge shares of the pie. Others, like Russian, have a much smaller portion.
  • In addition, therein lies the key to why you should translate into other countries. Not everybody can understand all the languages in the world.
  • Moreover, even if a person knows two or more languages, there is one that he or she will be more comfortable with and will naturally use more.
  • If you have your website in English, then people from the Chinese segment of the internet will not be able to understand it unless they know English, assuming they were able to reach your website in the first place. Your website will be completely lost to them and you will lose that potential share of the presence that they have.
  • If you wish to have a greater market share, if you wish to have a stronger base of people seeing and responding to your website, you cannot rely on bilinguals. No, you need to translate to other languages.
  • Moreover, if you balance everything between targeting the right languages and having as many languages as you can, and then you will be able to reach the greatest and most effective range of potential readers or customers.
  • You will be able to gain far greater traffic then if you were to just stick to one language. In addition, for the most part, whether you are online for a business or other reasons; getting traffic is the thing that most of us want.
  • That thought is something to think about when you have a website or are planning to make a website. The more people that you have that can read and understand your message, the better your website will be and greater revenue it could potentially make. That is something that everybody wants.
  • Most importantly, if you have a business and a fantastic website, the loss of translators means the loss of money. To boost money, it is ideal to translate website into multiple languages
  • Truthfully, though, there is a reason to translate your website into other languages, a very real reason is to boost the market share.

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