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Certified Translation As a language evolves, texts in an earlier version of
the language — original texts, or old translations — may
become difficult for modern readers to understand. Such
a text may be translated
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Are you searching for a Top-rated professional Korean translation service for English to Korean translation service or Korean to English translation service of your medical, legal, technical or business documents? Request a Free Instant Quote for translation of your documents.


Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, Universal Translation Studio is a market leader in providing professional Korean translation service. We offer English to Korean as well as Korean to English translation service done by certified native Korean translators.

Over a span of 10 years, we have helped 1000’s of businesses reach their target audience by providing professional Korean translation service.

Want to skyrocket your sales too? We offer the best Korean document translation service with an impressive turnaround time. Request a Free Instant Quote for translation of your document.

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English To Korean Translation Service

At UTS, we believe that language is the voice of every business and the correct voice is essential to reach your potential clients. We offer professional English to Korean translation service done by certified native Korean translators who understand the lingo.

We take strict quality control measures to ensure that the translation you receive is accurate and sounds professional. Each project is assigned to a team of certified native Korean translators. While one translator translates the content, the other proofreads (Free of cost) the translation.

Korean To English Translation Service

If you are looking for Korean to English translation service, our team of certified native Korean to English translators can help you with that as well. We understand the small differences in each dialect of English and how important they can be for your business.
Depending on your choice, we can translate your content from Korean into U.S, U.K, Canadian or Australian English. At UTS, we believe that professional human translation as opposed to software and literal translation is essential to ensure that the target audience can understand the exact context. Hence, we take strict quality measures to ensure that your translation is accurate and flawless. Request a Free Instant Quote.


Korean is believed to be the native language of around 78 million people in Korea and around 4 million more people worldwide. With so many potential people to do business with, we’re glad that you’re considering bringing Universal Translation Studio on board.

Let’s get started. Oh and did we tell you – UTS is also ranked as the #1 Freelance Korean Translation Agency We are eager to help you out and make your content accessible and readable by a broader audience.

Fill in a simple 3 step quotation form and our team will instantly get back to you with a dedicated project manager assigned to complete the project.

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